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They are called "Family Fun Time" and "You Think YOU Have It Bad?" They take place on a day Jim didn't talk about in the book.

Jim has a lot of adventuring still ahead of him. If I have any updates about him, either as a new book or some other thing that's Jim-related, I'll let you know.

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Adventures of a Bowling Shoe - Bonus Chapters
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About The Author, Tom Rozek

Tom wrote his first children's book when he was 9, after being inspired by an arthropod class at the Harvard Peabody Museum. His book was about the adventures of a lobster and a crayfish. In the years since then he has been a farmer and done a variety of other things. He's focused much of his writing energy on science fiction and essays, but he continues to be interested in stories with unusual characters and strange situations. He lives in southern Massachusetts.

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